add bidet your toilet

Add on bidet: forget about toilet paper

Add on bidet is a combination of a classic toilet and a modern bidet. Add on bidet toilet seat is an electronic unit which has dozens of functions. It regulates the water, provides the temperature and pressure control, and works as a dryer after its cleaning function is used. The add on bidet sprayer works at a touch of a button. The spray nozzle extends from the bidet seat to […]

standard bathtub rim height

Bathtub height and other toilet measurements Guide

Building a house it is essential to create a comfortable bathing area, so make sure the bathtub height and other measurements are taken right. Usually it is difficult to refer to anu specific standard toilet size, because the dimensions of such a place is quite difficult to generalize, because usualy every producer of toilet fixtures has its own sizes specifications for a particular product. Toilet measurements as well as toilet heights […]

kohler bathroom wall faucets

Kohler sink faucet – for your convenient use

Why do many people prefer Kohler sink faucet? You know, when you are repairing your flat, it is very important to pay attention to every trifle. Small detail such as a faucet is very necessary in your house, so you should decide what faucets will fit your sink. Nobody wants to have a faucet which will be broken in a few weeks. So you need a good faucet from a […]

kohler corner shower rod

Kohler corner toilet for small bathrooms

Kohler corner toilet – it is the most reliable corner toilet of the existing at today. Let’s try to consider a model especially of this firm. As it rightfully holds the leading position in the production of sanitary ware while not for a one year and is widely known throughout the world. We can accurately confirm it viewing through all corner toilet Kohler reviews. Corner toilet and its features. Distinguishing […]

kohler bathroom faucet repair

How to choose the Kohler bathroom fixtures?

Correct Kohler bathroom fixtures are very important, so even during the repair and decoration, you need to seriously think about choosing lighting. This may be the bathroom ceiling light, wall lights, combo, the use of decorative elements with lighting and so on. It is important here to have an understanding that the lighting should be divided into functional areas that will greatly enhance the ease of use of the bathroom. […]

bidet toilet seat attachment lowes

Toilet bidet attachment – is a great solution for the bathroom

Keep hygiene in your toilet with modern technologies of toilet bidet attachment. It is a rapidly growing tendency in bidet seat industry. Today bidet attachment for toilet is a pioneer in the toilet accessories market, it is a totally and innovative element for the toilet that enhances the level of personal hygiene in the bathroom. A bidet attachment is an element attached to the toilet for easy bathing of the […]

bidet con sale

Why you need to find a bidet for sale?

For today, to find a bidet for sale is not difficult. The presence of a bidet in the house has become not an attribute of luxury and exotic, but necessary element. This is a very convenient tool for personal hygiene activities. Currently, on the market there is a huge variety of models with different features. Bidet is not popular everywhere. For example, to find bidet for sale in USA or […]

toilet with remote control

What are the advantages of remote control toilet

Having streamlined shape, compact and fully automated control system remote control toilet is a real work of art. They won the love of many Hollywood stars and ordinary people. The lid is opened automatically at the approach to the product. And if some time to stand, without attempting to sit down then seat is rising up too. Remote control toilet flusher is automatic thanks to the use of the unique […]

kohler furniture brands

Luxury Kohler furniture

History of company Kohler (Germany), which produces Kohler furniture associated with the name of the Austrian immigrant Michel Kohler, and has its origins in 1873. Then Kohler began his business with the manufacture of equipment for farms of iron and steel, as well as furniture accessories and metal decorations for the home. Then he tried to cover the enamel trough for horse feed and thus got his first bath, which […]

sound system for bathroom

All music lovers want to have a bathroom sound system

If you can’t live without music even when washing yourself, so you need a bathroom sound system. You can install it in your bathroom and even in sauna. Some models can withstand very high temperatures. The maximum temperature, which they can stand, is 104 °C. And if the temperature isn’t very high and the moisture isn’t very great, any model will fit you. The bathroom sound system wireless is made […]

designer colored toilet paper

How should look like new toilet design

 In fact, new toilet design is an integral part of the interior of any bathroom. As the saying goes, we cannot escape it – so why do not give the preference to comfortable and beautiful plumbing fixtures? Depending on the design and type of installation, all manufactured today toilets can be divided into two groups. It’s the usual floor and wall products, which are often referred to as “false” or […]

kohler bathroom faucet washers

Kohler bath faucet for stylish homes

Kohler bath faucet is made for bringing charm and refinement into the bathroom. The entire range of products for the bathroom has a unique look, which again shows Kohler as a leader in the field of design, craftsmanship and innovation, all of which are inextricably linked with uncompromising quality. As for appearance of Kohler bath sink faucet, then, despite the clear positioning of the classics, range is diverse. So the […]

toilet seat with built in bidet

The benefits of the toilet with built in bidet

Modern plumbing manufacturers have decided to make the toilet with built in bidet. It is relevant in those cases when your apartment is too small to install there a full-fledged separate toilet, sink and bidet. This solution is considered to be truly comfortable, functional and compact. This option would not only save the space, but also make your staying in the bathroom more cozy and comfortable. There already are a […]

kohler toilets wall mount

The advantages of kohler toliets

Kohler toliets are known for its excellent quality, which is typical for American manufacture. At the heart of its production are long-standing traditions and the real history. Introduced range is mainly classified as «premium”, it is perfect for people who prefer an expensive luxury sanitary ware, that make bathroom comfort and convenience. Kohler water closets are always on the high level. Thanks to its ergonomics Kohler plumbing is very easy […]

bidet toilet seat what is

Perfect combination of traditional toilet and useful bidet: baday toilet seat

Strangely, not many people heard of new toilet innovation, baday toilet seat. Let’s start from saying that a normal toilet baday is a popular and sometimes even traditional toilet solution in many Asian, European and Latin America’s countries. Baday toilets look like small basins placed near toilets and are used to clean genitals after using a toilet or whenever there’s a use for refreshing. Few years ago bidet toilets in […]

kohler pedestal sink repair

Kohler pedestal sinks can be bought cheaper

Kohler pedestal sinks are considered to be the most stylish sinks on the modern market. The sink features the basin on the “leg” and an overflow basin. The single-hole faucet variant of construction is the usual design of such units. The pedestal Kholer sinks can be a minimalistic decision for your bathroom as you save a lot of extra space. These sinks look very attractive and can stand alone or […]

kohler shower faucets oil rubbed bronze

Kohler shower faucets, from cheap to luxurious

Shopping online, you can find the best Kohler shower faucets for the discount prices. The price range is huge: from $31-$168 for Awaken to IV Georges Brass for $630-$2,272. The luxury bathrooms need the appropriate awesome expensive Kohler bathroom faucets. Brass, chrome and nickel is used to make therse unique products. The premium materials provide Kholer faucets with absolutely amazing durability. Luxurious Kohler bathtub faucets, sinks, tub faucets and a […]

kohler commercial wall mount faucet

Kohler commercial faucets – new technologies

Kohler company provides a lot of Kohler commercial faucets for the needs of various enterprises, organizations, restaurants and public places. It also supplies the Kohler commercial faucet parts in the amount ordered. The very popular now Kohler Sensate touchless faucet, for example, is created to be installed in public places mostly. Using this unit you will avoid touching the faucet itself and will not have any contact with the surface. […]