small shower stalls with seat

Advantages of the small shower stalls instead of a bath

The owners of the bathrooms with a small area often prefer to replace the bulky bath with cute and small shower stalls. People that live in standard urban apartments are often faces with this problem. This option is very appealing alternative for those who can safely do without the leisure under the cap of fragrant bubble bath, and wants to have the space, for example, to install a washing machine. […]

best product to clean shower stalls

The best shower stalls for your bathroom

Choosing the best shower stalls you should take the first decision which kind of a showerstall – fiberglass or acrylic you want to have at home. Both variants have their advantages and minuses. Fiberglass shower kits are less expensive, but not as durable as acrylic stand up shower stalls . If you are not ready to pay much, better stop at the best shower cubicle made from fiberglass. Cubicle takes […]

bathroom vanities cheap prices

Visiting bathroom vanities wholesale

There are several ways to buy a vanity for bathroom cheap, and one of them is visiting bathroom vanities wholesale . As a rule, the prices in these places are 30% ( at least ) less than the prices of retailers stores. Of course, there are even cheaper methods of getting an inexpensive furniture unit – from a thrift store or garage sale shopping to a “do it yourself” variant. […]

extra large shower stall mats

The features of large shower stalls

Various modes of large shower stalls allow you to choose optimum temperature and conditions for water treatment. For example, many boxes are equipped with showers modes of Turkish bath, sauna, whirlpool and other nice additions. You can take a shower with aroma oils, enjoying a relaxing aroma for complete relaxation after a hard day, or quickly cheer up in the morning, being charged with positive energy for a productive day. […]

ada shower stall with seat

ADA Shower Stalls For People Who Need Special Conditions

ADA shower stalls are meant to make those people’s lives easier and less troublesome, who meet great difficulties in taking a shower. There are numerous people with disabilities who have to turn to a nurse or a close relative for a help when bathing. Not being in private during this extremely intimate act, can catastrophically lower one’s self-respect.The elderly people and people with disabilities need a means of taking a […]

one piece shower stall 32 x 32

Cheap and easy in installation one piece shower stalls

Many homeowners choose today one piece shower stalls , and the reasons of this choice are evident. A modern one piece shower enclosure is easy in its installation and maintenance. When you want to clean it, it does not need some special efforts. Even when you want to change your one piece shower cabin into another model, removing of the stuff will be also easy. There is only one thing […]

shower stalls with glass blocks

The main characteristics of glass shower stalls

Modern glass shower stalls are presented with a variety of designs. They can be with frosted, clear or colored glass, with hinged or sliding doors with original fittings, they also can be equipped with all kinds of racks, holders and handrails. Glass shower enclosures in conjunction with mirrors visually expand the space of the bathroom. Special safe and shatterproof tempered glass thickness of 8-10 mm is used in their production. […]

fiberglass shower stalls with tub

Сheap fiberglass shower stalls may serve longer

As a rule fiberglass shower stalls are offered on sale as a one-piece unit. This construction makes the installation very easy. You just have to install the fiberglass shower enclosure and connect it with a water pipe. The shower faucets should be installed on the height comfortable for taking a shower. The price of one piece fiberglass shower stalls is less than the price of acrylic shower enclosures. This type […]

towel storage units for bathroom

What is the best towel storage for bathroom

Let us consider functional towel storage for bathroom which will fit into not big bathrooms in apartments and into houses with spacious bathrooms. So it can be shelves or containers that are set under the sink. If you like more closed storage you may place bathroom towel cabinets under the sink. Draping curtains those cover the bottom of the sink and hide bathroom amenities, including towels will be completely non-standard […]

walk in shower stall inserts

Walk in shower stalls for home and commercial use

The walk in shower stalls are chosen mostly my those homeowners who have disabled family members. Elderly people or children will also feel more safe when being in a walk in shower enclosure . Such a shower construction differs from a usual shower and bathtub construction. Contemporary walk in shower cabins are constructed for making the warter procedures safe. There is always a bench for sitting in a walk in […]

kohler shower stall with seat

Kohler Shower Stall: The Symbol Of Durability And Comfort In Your Bathroom

Installing a Kohler shower stall in your bathroom, you get guaranteed to enjoy the high quality and premium service of the product. Kohler is one of the most famous brand names supplying kitchen and bath products of any type. In this company you can find various bathroom products of contemporary style and premium quality. Shower stalls by Kohler come in three collections. These are Sonata showers, Freewill showers and Sonata […]

ikea bathroom vanities reviews

IKEA vanities bathroom design

Modern IKEA vanities bathroom design is very simple. Made in minimalist style, IKEA bath vanities have maximum of space inside, convenient drawers and storage boxes. They are designed in a smart way – one IKEA vanity for bathroom will help you getting rid of chaos in this room. All toothpastes, tooth brushes, packs of soap, tissues and linen can be kept there. Many units have a multifunctional usage design.Even if […]

storage for small bathrooms with pedestal sinks

Original ideas of storage for bathrooms

Most often for hanging lockers are as storage for bathrooms. But you want something more original for your bathroom. Because this room is designed for relaxation and everything here must be maximally conveniently placed and look beautiful. Of course, you can buy white bathroom storage cabinet and but all things here but there are some more interesting options. Be sure to use the space under the sink for storage of […]

cheap shower enclosures 700mm

How to get cheap shower stalls

Looking for cheap shower stalls it is not a “must” you have to buy a ready-made enclosure. Various cheap shower stall ideas will help you in saving your money and getting the bathroom which no one has. The most popular and wide-spread method of covering the walls with waterproof materials was installing tiles on cement. this method is not bad at all, but it has got some minuses. First of […]

acrylic shower stall liner

Why you should choose acrylic shower stalls

When you are choosing between acrylic shower stalls and fiberglass stuff, you should know some difference between these 2 types of shower enclosures. The first thing you pay attention when visiting a store is the price of the product. And acrylic shower enclosures are more expensive than these units made of fiberglass. This price becomes justified when you learn that acrylic shower cabins are more durable, and their lifetime maybe […]

corner shower stalls reviews

The main features of corner shower stalls

It has long been known about the benefits of corner shower stalls. They are especially useful for those who know how to appreciate not only their time but also comfort. In addition, they help save space even in the smallest bathroom. Compactness is the main advantage of corner shower cabins. At the same time they have also such abilities and a diverse set of functions as their more dimensional analogues. […]

bath cabinet ikea

Сontemporary bath vanities IKEA and other bathroom furniture

Keep your bathroom organized with modern bath vanities IKEA . These furniture units offered at the official site of this popular company, are affordable, simple in design and very functional. IKEA cheap bath vanities cost at least twice less than the same furniture stuff offered by other companies. Choose this company furniture if you love everything sturdy and simple in shapes and usage. When between look and quality you choose […]

bathroom shower stall tile ideas

A variety of options for bathroom shower stalls

Before you choose bathroom shower stalls you should decide whether you need a big stall, or there will be enough so-called bathroom shower enclosures. So shower stall is a closed box with a solid roof and four walls. There is, of course, light version that is without a roof. It can be installed in any convenient location of the bathroom if only there will be enough space for it. You […]